Example rendering

These fonts are inspired by celtic knot patterns, aswell as the Gothic sub-culture. They strive to provide a full set of fonts for a document - both for body text, leading text, headers and the front-page title.

The font set / downloads


These fonts started out as pencil drawings, which got scanned. The scans where cleaned up using GIMP, then turned into vector graphics using autotrace, and the vector graphics cleaned up using Inkscape. Lastly, they where imported into FontForge and split into individual glyphs and further cleaned up. Some characters where constructed from parts of other characters.

All these tools are Free Software and available on the UNIX platform.


Drawn by Egil Möller redhog@redhog.org


The fonts are dual licensed under the SIL font license and the GNU GPL with the font exception.



All glyphs in all versions have 0 left bearing and 50 right bearing. The space character is 150 wide, plus the bearing.

Descent is 284.

Ascent is 598 for all glyphs except the braces and pipe, which have an ascent of 740 (= 598 + 284/2).

The design height is thus 740+284 = 1024.